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Custom self adhesive stickers and labels – premium quality, speed and service at some of the UK’s lowest prices!

With FastPrint, you’ll get custom self adhesive stickers and labels with high resolution printing, strong adhesive and thick vinyl to make sure they look great and last for years. Plus, with the FastPrint Promise, we’ll re-print or refund your order if you’re unhappy for any reason. How about that for true peace of mind? Browsing our products below now to get an instant price! Read More

Personalised self adhesive labels and stickers from FastPrint come with a strong glue backing which allows the vinyl material to be stuck down firmly so it lasts throughout years of indoor or outdoor use. However, they can still be carefully removed without residue if required.Alongside this, you also get high resolution printing to really make your artwork pop with razor sharp detail and stunning colour. If you don’t have your own design, we can even create a free basic custom design for you on orders over £50! This means that you will always be able to have completely customised self adhesive stickers which are suited to your exact needs and budget.

Finally, with fast turnaround as standard, free UK delivery for orders over £50, friendly phone/e-mail support and the FastPrint promise, you can buy cheap self adhesive labels and stickers online which give you quality and service without any high costs!

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The FastPrint Promise

If you aren’t happy with your order, we’ll offer to re-print it or give you a full refund. This makes choosing FastPrint risk free!

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Why buy custom self adhesive labels?

Cheap self adhesive labels are commonplace in offices and stationary sets, but did you know that you can have your own artwork printed on them in full colour for a very affordable price? Adhesive vinyl printing means that your design can be printed on each one with a highly professional finish to suit your needs and budget.

Great versatility

Vinyl printed adhesive labels provide great resilience for indoor and outdoor use, meaning that you can trust them as permanent adhesive labels if you need them to stay firmly stuck down for years at a time. However, as needs sometimes change, they can be removed carefully without residue if required, making them ideal as removable adhesive labels too! This makes them versatile enough for a wide range of uses. Plus, with the use of sticky backed vinyl and specialist printing, they also double up as waterproof adhesive labels to resist water, weather and almost anything else you can throw at them. Use them indoors or outdoors on any surfaces such as walls, doors, objects and much more.

How effective are they?

Adhesive labels and stickers provide a fantastic balance between effectiveness and cost. You can bulk buy them in very large quantities to create large levels of exposure across a wide area. With potentially hundreds of places for your business, event or brand to be seen, you can reach a huge number of people in a relatively short period of time and with a budget-friendly cost. Read More

How can I use them?

They are fantastic if you need a quick and easy way to stick advertising material down firmly in seconds. This makes them perfect for promotional purposes, labelling purposes, branding, identification and more. As they’re supplied on backed sheets, it’s easy to transport them virtually anywhere, peel them off and then stick them down for a firm hold on most surfaces. Many people use this type of advertising in a traditional way by placing them down on surfaces to grab the attention of people walking by. Another fantastic method is to hand them out to people so they can wear them for general branding or to take advantage of any offers or discounts which may be worked into the sticker design. By offering some sort of incentive to wear the adhesive sticker, people are far more likely to wear them and therefore more likely to promote your business for you by simply walking around!

Alongside advertising, they can also be used as custom self adhesive product labels for a range of informational purposes. Use them to get across key messages or to label objects and people to make sure they’re easily identifiable. The cost-efficiency of this type of printing means that they’re ideal for permanent or temporary uses where they can be removed and discarded afterwards. Plus, as you can upload your own artwork, you can add almost any graphical element you can think of. Create a design with logos, images, text, contact details, brand colours and much more. The choice is yours! FastPrint offers quality and vast customisation options at some of the UK’s best prices. Simply enter your details above to take a look for yourself!

History of Custom Self-Adhesive Stickers & Labels

Since the invention of custom self-adhesive stickers and labels in the 19th Century, and their wider availability in the 20th Century, people haven’t been able to resist the urge to label everything, from products and possessions to windows, walls and lampposts. They offer a unique medium for spreading a message or brand quickly, cheaply and effectively, and they’ve been used in a huge variety of ways over the years. The DIY aspect is the main attraction of the printed self-adhesive label or sticker – easy to print in bulk with a specialist label printing company, they can be applied by hand cleanly and quickly. Both their temporary and long-lasting properties are made the most of – they can be added and removed easily from clothing or soft materials, but at the same time can endure the elements and last outdoors if required.They are a popular form of street art, with artists either hand-drawing stickers or printing them and applying them to walls, windows and street furniture. As well as simple decorative art, they been used to get across political or environmental messages.

Designer Cristina Vanko has used specially designed labels to identify objects powered by coal, an approach she called ‘smart vandalism’. The street artist Banksy has used them in his work, most notably a variation has been used for the UK Neighbourhood Watch organisation. Sticker art also has a prominent place in skateboarding culture, where small, independent skate companies introduced it as an immediate and effective marketing technique to get their brand in front of skaters. Some skateboarding designs have become iconic, such as the ‘Screaming Hand’ designed by Jim Phillips in 1973 for the Santa Cruz skateboarding brand. The huge range of cheap self-adhesive stickers available gave skaters the ability to customise their boards in their own personal style, creating a strong identity.

The punk rock movement in New York and London also used them to spread messages or promote bands, making the most of a cheap and easy advertising medium. Since then, they have been used widely in the music industry as a promotion tool. They are also easy to send through the post, a feature that has formed the basis of a global community of enthusiasts who swap stickers by mail. Vinyl came into widespread usage after the second world war. The main advantage of this new medium was that it was hardwearing and waterproof, ideal for outdoor use. Bumper use became widespread in America , and self-adhesive vinyl stickers were widely used from the 1950s and 60s to brand and decorate racing cars. In 1957, it was a an artist who worked for the Disney studios who designed the iconic Mooneyes logo for Moon Speed equipment, a image which appeared on many vehicles. They were used to promote car parts companies, car manufacturers and races.

Self-adhesive stickers and labels have also been an important product in the toy industry, from realistic signs for model racing cars, planes to collectible albums and crafts. In schools, they have long been used as a reward for good behaviour and good work, and sticky charts are now routinely recommended as a parenting method. It’s common practice for dentists to give them to young children, and both official government bodies and commercial companies to produce stickers with positive dental messages. Today, advances in printing technology have meant that very large stickers can be produced, and they are now widely used in interior design, giving an instant method of applying large-scale artwork to walls.

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