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Super-quick banner printing – premium quality custom printed banners at some of the UK’s best prices!

Banner Printing with High quality print and low prices from FastPrint. Your product will be personalised and printed with vivid colours and razor sharp detail with a 24-48 hour turnaround at some of the UK’s best prices. The result is a custom banner which really shows off your business or event in style! Can’t wait to get started? Browse our products below now and get an instant price! Read More

FastPrint’s full colour banner printing service uses state-of-the-art high resolution technology for vivid detail and rich colour which really brings your artwork to life. High-strength waterproof PVC vinyl which is hemmed and eyeleted also ensures that your cheap banner is easy to hang up and durable enough for years of indoor and outdoor use. You also get advanced levels of customisation. As well as being able to upload your own artwork (or receive FREE custom artwork from our designers on orders over £50), you can also choose from a range of finishes and your own custom sizes, allowing you to create small and compact products right through to wide format huge signs.

And then there’s the service. Our average 24-48 hour turnaround and next day delivery (FREE for orders over £50) means that you could have you order before 11am the next day. FastPrint’s friendly customer support team are also on hand via phone and e-mail to help you with anything you need. After all, cheap doesn’t have to mean cheap service! Finally, this is all backed up by our FastPrint promise, so if you are unhappy with your order for any reason, we’ll re-print it or offer you a full refund. This makes choosing FastPrint risk free!

If you want to order banners online now, simply browse our range below to find out how affordable FastPrint’s prices can be.

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The FastPrint Promise

If you aren’t happy with your order, we’ll offer to re-print it or give you a full refund. This makes choosing FastPrint risk free!

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How you could use a banner to increase exposure and draw in more sales

If you want to create a full colour printed banner for your business or event, then you’ve made a good choice! Printed signs are one of the most cost-effective methods of marketing and signage available today. Very few other types of printing can get across a key message with such a large impact whilst remaining so affordable and versatile.

Ideal for business and general marketing

We’ve seen them used for a massive range of purposes in multiple industries and settings. If you have a business, then you can create your own to promote your latest services and offers. It’s a fantastic way to spread the word and draw in more sales whilst remaining affordable for most budgets. You can display your brand logo and colours alongside offers, key selling points, discounts and key pieces of information such as your location, phone number and website address. This all adds up to create a great piece of print which grabs the attention of your target audience, makes them realise why they should choose your business and then gives them the means to contact or visit you. The result? More sales! Plus, with FastPrint’s low prices and free basic design service, you can still get cheap printed banners without the extra cost of design if you don’t have your own artwork on orders over £50.

Perfect for events and exhibitions

Another fantastic use is during events. A large format banner can not only be used to promote your event in a high exposure location, but it can also double-up as display signage at the entrance to welcome visitors. Exhibition banners are equally useful for this purpose and can create a powerful return on investment when they draw extra people to your exhibition stand. Read More

Plus, with such fast turn-around times and affordable prices, they are a fantastic investment for multiple events and even a cost-effective form of marketing for many one-off events and exhibitions where you need to make a big statement to draw in those extra customers.

There are many other fantastic uses too!

With high quality material and eco-friendly solvent inks, they can be used as outdoor banners as standard, making them suitable for years of indoor or outdoor use in all weather conditions. This gives you an extra-versatile form of print promotion which you can use anywhere and transport with ease. They can also be used as party banners to provide a cost-effective way to celebrate a special occasion. As you can add your own artwork to make them fully custom made banners, you can include the person’s name, the event and even photographs! This also makes them equally suitable for weddings if you want that extra-personal touch and a great souvenir to keep from your special day.

Perfect for situations where quality and budget really matter

For example, they’re ideal as school and church banners for events. We understand the importance of getting a great quality product at a price which remains well within budget, which is why we offer some of the UK’s lowest prices with all of the quality, speed and service you would expect of a premium banner printer. Find out how affordable our prices can be now by browsing our product range above!

History of Banner Printing

they have a long and colourful history and have been used for centuries to shout out a clear message wherever people gather in public, from battles and political demonstrations to sports events and trade shows. They are traditionally a piece of textile decorated with an image or slogan; the word banner is Middle English in origin, and derives from the word band, referring to a cloth flag.

The earliest were the flags carried into battle declaring the allegiance of the soldiers beneath them. In the Medieval period, heraldic flags used the coats of arms of noble houses as a visual language. Away from the battlefield, grand halls and palaces would have been decorated with richly coloured flags depicting their owners’ arms. They are an important source for historians studying the history of working people, because they were a medium of communication that people could create easily and cheaply themselves. Collections of banners in museums provide evidence of folk art and political art from the past. The political use of them took off in the 19th Century with the development of Trade Unions, organizations that represented the rights of workers. They were used on marches and demonstrations to represent different unions and to convey political messages.

Trade union signs were usually made of textiles, sometimes with the design embroidered on, or sometimes painted onto silk covered with India rubber. These were an early precursor of the printed banner. It’s not just trade unions who have used them to get their point across – any group of people gathering to march and demonstrate have made custom banners so that those watching know what they want. In the 19th Century, friendly societies and temperance groups used them on marches. One of the rarest still in existence dates from the 1819 Peterloo Massacre, when soldiers charged a gathering calling for parliamentary reform, killing 11 people and wounding 600. The surviving sign reads “Liberty and Fraternity.”

In the early 20th Century, the women’s suffrage movement used them to deliver their message of votes for women. The strong visuals provided by them ensured press coverage for their cause, and the iconic images of Suffragette demonstrations we know today. They have also traditionally been used by churches at the head of religious processions, or as decorations on the walls inside a church, and by sports teams and their fans to declare their allegiance.

The use of large outdoor signs for commercial advertising really took off after the invention of the man-made fabric vinyl. First discovered by accident in the 1920s by a scientist looking for a glue that would bind rubber to metal, it wasn’t until the 1930s that commercial uses were found for this hugely versatile and durable material. A technique was developed to create a waterproof fabric with it, paving the way for the outdoor advertising that could withstand the elements.

During the Second World War, vinyl, or PVC, was produced on a large scale for military uses. When the war ended, the factories that had produced vinyl looked for new consumer markets - the use of vinyl for advertising started here. More and more businesses began producing PVC in the 1950s, making it widely available. The earliest ones were hand painted, but later techniques took over, such as screen-printing and more recently efficient digital printing. These days, digital printing means printed banners can be made in a huge variety of sizes and colours. Modern businesses have them printed to advertise at trade shows, as street signage, at sporting and music events and in other public situations.

Customer Reviews

Highly recommended.

FastPrint took 2 enormous files from me and printed the panoramic images to over 2 meters in length. The whole process was made easy by good communications and the results were incredibly good, done on time and delivered safely, as they had promised. Highly recommended.

Fran Black Photography
Great service

These guys are great. I have used fast print several times in the past for promotional materials and also for mocking up advertisements during my studies at university. they always have the cheapest prices and their online ordering system is a great tool!

Jamie Anderson Photography
Best quality

Fastprint are by far the best quality and priced banner producing company on the web. We are always getting compliments in the professionalism of our banners - they certainly help draw in the crowds!

Great service

Great service. We ordered a banner from Fastprint as it was the best price we could find. The quality, service, and overall results just happened to be second to none too. Would highly recommend, and will be using again in the near future.

Pets Direct

I was impressed with the product and options available. I requested simple layout design assistance and this was done to my satisfaction on the first attempt.

Orthodontic Excellence
Great service

Great service, great product. Thank you

Howden Court Hotel
Swift professional service

Swift professional service with excellent (and very competitively priced) products.

lansdowne florist
Excellent quality

Excellent quality labels and fast reliable service. Great! Thank you.

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