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Custom poster printing which is rich in colour and detail for a superb price – that’s what you get with FastPrint. High resolution printing, thick gloss or Matt paper, fast turnaround, free delivery for orders over £50, friendly phone/e-mail support and the FastPrint promise - all at some of the UK’s lowest prices. Browsing our products below now to get an instant price! Read More

There’s nothing quite like a fully personalised poster for your business to grab attention and sell your product, service, event or brand. However, even the largest of posters will struggle if they aren’t rich in colour and detail for a high-impact look. That’s why your posters will be printed with high resolution technology to really bring your artwork to life with depth and vibrancy. If you don’t have your own artwork, we can even create a free basic design for you on orders over £50!

You also get fast turnaround as standard with free UK delivery for orders over £50. Plus friendly customer support is always available if you need a hand, whilst the FastPrint Promise ensures that you can get cheap poster printing with true peace of mind. Any issues? We’ll reprint or refund! Find out how affordable they can be by entering your order requirements for an instant price.

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What are printed posters?

Poster prints are pieces of large format printed media which are used to promote brands, businesses, services, products, events and more. They’re usually printed on gloss or matt paper, although gloss paper is usually the most common.

How can I use them?

They can be hung up or stuck to most surfaces to instantly add a high-impact promotional message. They can be internally placed on walls, doors, windows and more to make sure that passers-by take notice and learn about what you have to say. Outdoor posters are even available to make sure that you aren’t limited to indoors only.

When choosing locations to hang them up, it’s important to ensure that they’re within the line of sight of people travelling through a given area. The location and angle of your custom posters relative to where people are walking past can heavily dictate how well they perform when it comes to being noticed and read. Another consideration should also be made to how you will stick them down. Blue tack and cellotape are two of the most popular methods, but delicate or fragile surfaces could be damaged. If they are also in an environment where they’re likely to be frequently touched or brushed against, then they may require extra support so they don’t fall off in which case fast print can offer posters frames custom made for your application.

Why should I choose them?

Printed posters are one of the most cost-effective, simple and versatile ways to market virtually anything. Almost any surface can be instantly transformed into an advertising platform for product, service, event or brand. The low price and fast turnaround of custom poster printing also makes it an affordable way to continually adapt your marketing to changing events or offers. For example, if you would like to try out a new offer in your marketing strategy, you can simply design and buy another batch which can be delivered within days. Read More

What poster sizes are available?

Poster printing allows for a range of different sizes to suit how you’re going to use them. Small format A3 posters and A4 posters are some of the most popular sizes due to being highly versatile and affordable whilst still remaining effective at grabbing attention. Alongside A4 and A3 sizes, there are also wide format large posters which can be custom made to any size including A2, A1 and A0.

How can I design them?

Poster printing produces printed media which is big and bold, so your design should follow suit. They are particularly effective because they’re so large and noticeable from long range, so to take advantage of this, it’s best to create a design with large text and images. This means that someone can see and absorb the information within seconds. As for the content itself, it’s possible to include virtually anything. Brand colours, text, photographs, images and more can be combined to create a design which grabs attention, looks impressive and persuades your target audience to take action. Choose FastPrint as your poster printer by entering your order requirements above for an instant price.

History of Poster Printing

The poster is one of the oldest and most effective advertising mediums, perhaps because the concept is so basic – print what you want to say and stick it where people will see it. The earliest ones were proclamations letting the public know about events or news, usually made up of text or sometimes a crude woodblock image. They advertised public executions, rewards or new laws and were usually produced in limited runs then distributed locally. The big revolution came with the invention of lithography, a printing process based on the repulsion of water by oil. The two huge advantages of lithography for custom poster printing were that they could be mass-produced, and that colour could be used. Suddenly, they were loud, colourful, and everywhere. Lithography was first invented in 1796, but the early techniques were too slow for large-scale production. Then, in the 1860s, new technological developments in lithography meant that they could be produced in large numbers and very clear, bright colours. These developments made more sophisticated poster design possible, and the art of the modern poster was born. In France, printers such as Jules Chéret began producing iconic designs advertising music halls, cabaret shows and theatres such as the notorious Moulin Rouge and Folies Bergère, often featuring highly stylised and stylish women dancing and singing.

The French craze really took off in the 1890s, known as the Belle Epoque. The artist Toulouse-Lautrec began designing them, including his famous images for the Moulin Rouge club. They began to be considered a serious art form and people collected them even at this early stage. The next artistic trend, the ornate Art Nouveau style, also heavily influenced there design. In the early years of the 20th Century, they became the vehicle for a new kind of advertising. The artist Leonetto Cappiello kicked off the Art Deco trend in poster design, abandoning the intricacy of Art Noveau and producing simple, striking images that were deliberately intended to catch the eye in the street. It was the birth of modern branding and psychological advertising.During the First World War, both sides used poster art highly effectively as a propaganda method. The most successful propaganda ones used powerful advertising techniques to get across a strong message, and many of them from this era are still instantly recognisable today, from Lord Kitchener’s pointing finger and ‘Your Country Needs You’ message to the Art Deco influenced image of women watching soldiers march from a window with the slogan ‘Women of Britain Say – GO!’. Between the wars, they blossomed. Some of the most iconic today are the series of posters advertising the London Underground. The first visual tube one appeared in 1908, and during the 1920s and 1930s a series of visually striking posters were produced, using bold, coloured images and witty visual puns to advertise the service.

The growth in popularity of the cinema was another avenue for them. In the early days in America, most film posters were designed and made by the National Screen Service, who produced and distributed them for the film studios, sending them to theatres where the film would be screened. Later, studios took over design and distribution. They are highly collectible; originally designed to be thrown away after use, it’s rare for one to survive in good condition, and the rarest can fetch thousands. An Art Deco poster for Fritz Lang’s 1927 expressionist film Metropolis, one of only four in existence, fetched $690,000 in 2005 at auction, the highest ever paid for a poster of any kind. Today, they are still a mainstay of advertising campaigns. Advances in printing technology have made it possible to print vibrant coloured images in very large sizes, giving us the modern billboard. Such technology has put poster design and printing into the hands of everyone, whatever they need to tell the world about.

Customer Reviews

Swift professional service

Swift professional service with excellent (and very competitively priced) products.

lansdowne florist
Great service

Great service. We ordered a banner from Fastprint as it was the best price we could find. The quality, service, and overall results just happened to be second to none too. Would highly recommend, and will be using again in the near future.

Pets Direct

I was impressed with the product and options available. I requested simple layout design assistance and this was done to my satisfaction on the first attempt.

Orthodontic Excellence
Best quality

Fastprint are by far the best quality and priced banner producing company on the web. We are always getting compliments in the professionalism of our banners - they certainly help draw in the crowds!

Highly recommended.

FastPrint took 2 enormous files from me and printed the panoramic images to over 2 meters in length. The whole process was made easy by good communications and the results were incredibly good, done on time and delivered safely, as they had promised. Highly recommended.

Fran Black Photography
Great service

These guys are great. I have used fast print several times in the past for promotional materials and also for mocking up advertisements during my studies at university. they always have the cheapest prices and their online ordering system is a great tool!

Jamie Anderson Photography
Great service

Great service, great product. Thank you

Howden Court Hotel
Excellent quality

Excellent quality labels and fast reliable service. Great! Thank you.

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